120 Megabytes is a music video and video art series that I curate for Network Awesome. The program focuses on highlighting psychedelic, experimental, and visionary interactions between sound and vision. A roughly half hour episode, culled from the ever expanding YouTube Consciousness, emerges every Thursday on Network Awesome and XXJFG.

Additional experimental A//V awesomeness can be found on the 120 Megabytes Tumblr.

Episode 1

Featuring: Chandeliers, Nice Nice, SSLLEEPERHOLD, Sun Araw, Takeshi Murata & Toshio Matsumoto

Episode 2

Featuring: Ducktails, Mathemagic, Phil Morton, Weyes Blood & Young Prisms

Episode 3

Featuring: Boredoms, Dog Leather, John Maus, Modern Witch, Pylon & Teengirl Fantasy

Episode 4

Featuring: 808 state, Atlantic Ocean, Light Freedom Party, orbital, Sensorium, SL2 & Stellar OM Source

Episode 5

Featuring: Black Dice, Entrepreneurs, Hooliganship, My Panda Shall Fly, Paper Rad, Ponytail & Zach Hill

Episode 6

Featuring: alicia keys, ayshay, blanche blanche blanche, fatima al qadiri, nguzunguzu, project-u, sfv acid & slugabed

Episode 7

Featuring: Boy Friend, innergaze, Juliana Barwick, Majical Cloudz, Mark McGuire, Prince Rama Of Ayodhya & Wooden Shjips

Episode 8

Featuring: Fatima Al Qadiri, Jimmy Joe Roche, Five Mask, Sasumu Yokota, Christina Vantzou, Adventure, & Blondes

Episode 9

Featuring: Gatekeeper, Jeffery Plaide, Boxcutter, Steve Summers, Alexander Peverett, capsule9123, & Julia Holter

Episode 10

Featuring: James Pants, Jandy, YMO, Nyota, Laurel Halo, Julian Lynch, OS NOVI, & TLC

Episode 11: 120METALbytes

Featuring: Trencher, Liturgy, Onmyo-Za, Dope Body, Sacred Reich, Holy Moses, & VOIVOD

Episode 12

Featuring: Raleigh Moncrief, Capracara, Martyn, Lucid, Pictureplane, The Soft Moon, James Ferraro, & King Midas Sound